A Natural Way To Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

wholistichealthyukon / July 26, 2016

Are you looking for a way to treat BV? Am going to reveal to you the home remedies to cure Bacterial Vaginosis but not without first telling you my story and how I discovered it. It was one faithful night, after having sex with my boy friend who later became my husband; I notice some unusual discharge from my vagina. Though it was not offensive in terms of the smell at first, but I was just not comfortable with it because the discharge did not stop there, it continued each time we had sex.

And completely ignorant of what was happening to me, I was constantly using water and soap to wash inside my vagina, which I later discovered was called douching (which means using any kind of solution to rinse the inside of the vagina). Over time I started experiencing some itching, irritating, and smelly odor from my vagina and the rate of discharge increased, after sex.

On visiting my Doctor to explain what I was passing through, I was examined and series of text was carried out. He concluded that, he will place me on medication to treat bacterial vaginosis. What is BV? I asked. It was an eye opening lecture time for me because I thought it was a disease I contacted from my then boy friend.

They Doctor went on to say that, it is not a sexually transmitted disease and 1 out of every 3 women have experience it, the curse is as a result of imbalance of the vagina’s natural flora been out populated by other growing bacteria’s inside the vagina. ( Flora- he said, is the natural good bacterial that nature designed, to maintain the health of the vagina). So, it will not be able to perform its function, if it is over crowed by other bacteria’s in the vagina. He also discourage me from washing my vagina with water. At the end he gave me some medication which he climes will cure this condition.

Is BV contigious? I was on different Antibiotic pills like metronidazole, clindamycin  and others and even their creams and gels for almost five years because it will give me some relief but will reoccur back after 3 months. I became frustrated during this period, I felt western medication as failed me, but thank to my husband who never give up. He went on a research on the internet and came across a website where he discovers some hidden truth about antibiotics and how to treat bacterial vaginosis naturally and get rid of it permanently from your life.

He discovered that, when someone keeps taken antibiotics and it does not cure the disease, the less effective it will become as you continue taking the pills. Because the bacterial will be able to resist it even more. This will eventually leads to the reoccurrence of the disease and your search for a way to treat recurrent bacterial vaginosis becomes endless. And too much of antibiotics in the body can become harmful to human health.

My husband eventually bought me the manual which I took my time to study. Then, followed the steps outline inside it. Of course I was skeptical, will this reoccur again? But today here am I totally free from the embarrassment of itching in the public and the smelly odor from my vagina completely disappeared, why?  Because I found the nature way to remedy BV, that cures it permanently.