The best Quality for a Healthy Lifestyle

Rhett / April 24, 2016

Many people have experienced food poisoning at one time or another. The consequences of food poisoning can be relatively mild or else can be quite critical, therefore as seafood can be a source for causing food poisoning, it is vital that the utmost attention is given to buy a fresh product when buying seafood. By buying fresh seafood you would be ensuring that you are getting top quality product and the best taste experience you can get. It is not hard to buy fresh fish once you follow some indications which show how fresh the seafood actually is. 

Any fresh fish on sale should be surrounded by ice and should be partially covered by it. Try to buy fish from trusted sellers only or from the finest fish markets, for it is not always possible to know how long the fish has been caught, however there are indications which show whether the fish is fresh or not. 

Fish should have a fresh sea smell or else no smell at all. If a bad odor is emanating from it, that means that the fish is rotten and should not be bought.

Look at the eyes and see if they are clear, shiny and slightly bulging. If the fish has opaque, cloudy eyes, it is a clear indication that it has been caught for quite a long time and it is starting to rot. 

Fish skin should be shiny and the scales must not be missing and should be firmly attached to the skin. The tail of a fresh fish should be stiff and whole.

The gills should be bright pink or red and wet. If you see that the gills have lost their color or are discolored, and are slimy and dry, that is not an indication of freshness. 

Fish meat should be firm and should not separate from itself. The skin should not have a slimy consistency or be able to maintain an indentation when releasing finger pressure. 

If you are buying fish fillets or steaks, make sure that they are moist and not discolored. The flesh should not be ragged or gaping. If you are buying a white fish fillet, it should have a white translucent color with no discoloration, for that is a sure indication that it is going bad. 

Seafood such as shellfish including mussels, clams and oysters should be placed in a moist place, although they do not have to be placed under continuous running water.  The shells of fresh shellfish should not be cracked or open, however if any of the shellfish remains closed when cooking, it should be discarded.

Prawns should have a healthy color, should have some weight and should have all their limbs intact. They should not smell fishy, but should smell more like the sea. 

Fresh shellfish can be a part of a healthy diet and if you buy a fresh product, you will be ensuring that you are getting the best quality for a healthy lifestyle.