Maryland Crab Cakes

Eura / April 22, 2016

  Maryland may be the best place in the world to buy crab cakes.  Although they are sold all over the world and many are very similar to the Maryland crab cake, there is something about the crab cakes from Maryland that make them the best.  Crab cakes, no matter where you go, can be very expensive.  However, the quality varies depending on who is making them and how.  There are several reasons why Maryland crab cakes are the best crab cakes.

The first reason is the amount of filler that is used in a Maryland crab cake.  Most places that prepare and sell crab cakes load them up with filler like onion, parsley, peppers and many other small items.  What these restaurants don’t realize is they are taking away from the main ingredient: crab.  When you add filler, you subtract crab, which is probably a way to save money.  However, the customer is ripped off in price while the company increases their profit and the customer is ripped off in the real, true taste of the crab cake.  A Maryland crab cake is the best crab cake because they do not use any filler when preparing a crab cake.  When you order a Maryland crab cake, you get crab and maybe a few spices.  When you pay $20 for two crab cakes, you will get two big, lumpy crab cakes, full of crab meat.  This is a real crab cake!

The next reason a Maryland crab cake is the best crab cake is after you have eaten it, you are full.  If it takes three or four crab cakes to fill you up, you probably are not eating a Maryland crab cake.  One, normal size, Maryland crab cake and maybe a plate of french fries should do the trick and if you order a platter of two crab cakes, plan on not being able to eat both of the crab cakes in their entirety.  A true crab cake is filling and satisfying.

Chicago, Boston, and many of the big cities have many places that sell crab cakes.  Some even sell Maryland crab cakes, even though they are not in Maryland.  However, there is only one crab cake that is worth the money and that is the Maryland crab cake.